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About Us

FEC Insurance Agency was started with funding provided by FEC owners

These FEC owners were looking for a change from what has become the typical process. As the owner of FEC Insurance Agency I will always put my clients first and fight for their best interest. I will also, never stop learning everything I can about insurance and how best to protect those that trust me as their advisor.  It all started with a Putt Putt fun center in Lynchburg, Virginia and the centers owner Joe Aboid. While driving home from an event I was speaking at for summer camp directors I noticed a sign for Bumper Boats at Putt Putt. I decided to stop by the center on my way home and the rest is history.

The Insurance story continues

That Putt Putt and Joe became my first FEC I insured. Joe introduced me to other Putt Putt owners and trade shows like IAAPA Expo. Since that first visit to Putt Putt I have been hooked on this industry. In 2012 I made the decision to learn all I could about the FEC industry and the insurance and risk management they needed. Joe and I are still friends to this day and I insured his FEC until the day he sold it and retired. 

I am not a normal person mainly because I enjoy complex insurance and reading 200-page insurance policies. Even crazier, I spend a lot of time studying past insurance claims and law suits regarding FEC’s. This is what I think gives me the edge, because you learn what to look out for and you learn from the mistakes of the past. This ensures that my clients don’t suffer and their claims are properly covered. 

Experience is power

Since my first FEC I have been able to share my knowledge with hundreds of FEC’s across the United States. I have given seminars to groups as large as several hundred and as small as only ten at trade shows such as IAAPA Expo, Amusement Expo, Amusement 360, FEC Success, and several other special events for our industry.  I have only worked at two insurance agencies since I started and now the time has come for me to take everything I have learned over the years and create an insurance agency with insurance products specifically designed and focused on the FEC industry.

Speaker and Instructor for multiple organizations over the years

  • IAAPA Expo
  • Amusement Expo
  • Laser Tag Convention
  • Amusement 360
  • FEC Success
  • Trainertainment
  • Birthday University
  • Pennsylvania
  • Amusement Ride Safety Seminar
  • Voting Member of ASTM

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