FEC Insurance Agency


General Liability Insurance

Provides coverages for third party claims

The most common types of third-party claims are slip, trip, or fall by a customer of your business. Liability includes coverage for defense of a law suit or paying damages owed to a third party. The occurrence limit of a liability policy is shared by all third-party claimant. ($1,000,000 ÷ by the number of claimants involved) 

Not all third-party claims are covered by General Liability such as employee related actions, ADA violations, or claims involving alcohol or sexual abuse and molestation. Riders or standalone insurance policies may be needed to cover these items. 

Commercial General Liability policies are full of exclusions by design. Just because you have a policy for amusements does not mean all attractions will be automatically covered. In fact, most carriers will only cover attractions that are specifically listed on the policy or application. Always check with your carrier before purchasing a new attraction.