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General Liability Insurance

General Liability provides coverages for third party claims

Customers of your business commonly file third-party claims such as slip, trip, or fall incidents. These claims involve general liability coverage, which includes defending against lawsuits and paying damages to third parties. The liability policy’s occurrence limit is divided among all claimants involved (calculated as $1,000,000 divided by the number of claimants).

However, liability coverage does not extend to all third-party claims. Excluded situations encompass employee-related actions, ADA violations, and claims related to alcohol, sexual abuse, and molestation. To cover these scenarios, additional riders or standalone insurance policies may be necessary.

Design-wise, commercial liability policies intentionally contain numerous exclusions. Merely having a policy for amusements does not automatically guarantee coverage for all attractions. In fact, most carriers require specific listing of attractions on the policy or application for coverage. It is advisable to consult with your carrier before purchasing a new attraction to ensure proper coverage.

Liability Insurance

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FEC insurance agencies is dedicated to fighting for our clients within the Family Entertainment Center (FEC) industry. Firstly, we understand the unique risks and challenges faced by FEC businesses. Transitioning from the previous statement, we leverage our expertise to provide tailored insurance solutions.

Moreover, FEC insurance agencies act as advocates for our clients, negotiating with insurance providers on their behalf. we employ our knowledge of the industry and insurance policies to secure comprehensive coverage at competitive premiums. Furthermore, this proactive approach ensures that FEC owners receive the best possible protection.

Additionally, we prioritize their clients’ interests, going above and beyond to fight for their rights during the claims process. Whether it’s helping clients understand policy terms or navigating complex paperwork, we provide guidance and support every step of the way. Our dedication ensures that clients’ claims are handled efficiently and fairly.

In conclusion, FEC insurance agencies stand firmly by our clients, using our knowledge and experience to negotiate, advocate, and support them in the dynamic and evolving FEC industry.