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Arizona Regulations

Arizona Regulations


Devices Covered:

The state amusement ride law excludes non-mechanized playground equipment, challenge or obstacle courses, and inflatable amusement devices. A separate law tracks injuries at trampoline parks.

Inspection Program:

Amusement rides must be inspected annually by an insurance inspector or local government inspector. Trampoline courts must be inspected annually by an insurance inspector.

Investigative Authority:


Reporting Criteria:

Only for trampoline courts – Calls to emergency responders must be reported to the Dept. of Fire Building and Life Safety.

Special Conditions

(1) As of January 2008, Arizona’s only local government amusement ride inspection programs were in Navajo tribal lands and in the City of Prescott. (2) Trampoline courts are minimally regulated under a different statute, which follows the same industry self-regulation model, but requires accidents to be reported to the Dept. of Fire Building and Life Safety and imposes patron responsibilities on trampoline court customers. The state law preempts local governments from imposing stronger safety oversight. See http://dfbls.az.gov/trampolinecourt/.aspx

Last Update

April 6, 2017

In Arizona, insurance regulations specifically tailored to family entertainment centers (FECs) are actively enforced to ensure comprehensive protection and compliance. Transitioning from the previous statement, these regulations actively require FEC owners to obtain and maintain appropriate insurance coverage. This proactive approach aims to safeguard the interests of both the FEC operators and the visitors. Active insurance requirements typically include general liability coverage, which provides protection against claims related to bodily injury, property damage, and other incidents that may occur within the FEC premises. Additionally, Arizona may have specific criteria regarding minimum coverage limits and types of insurance policies needed. By actively complying with these regulations, FEC operators prioritize safety and effectively mitigate financial risks. 

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