FEC Insurance Agency

Incident and Safety Tools

Gathering accurate and detailed information during an incident or accident is now digital and FREE to FEC Insurance Customers. 

This app makes it easier for your employees to gather the most important information from an incident when the stress is at the highest.

  • Record Audio from start to finish
  • Take Pictures
  • Email Notification
  • Saved to the cloud
  • Upload check list for after incident documents.
  • Go back and edit or add information.

My 16-year-old stated working at our local FEC in the summer of 2022. I built this with him in mind. How would he gather the needed information if someone was hurt in pain and bleeding. Or mom is upset that their child is injured.

Trying to complete a paper incident form and dealing with the incident is not easy for any employee or manager. With our digital incident form and after incident upload check list, your employees will be able to gather the most valuable information by just simply starting the form. Less stress on everyone and a better interaction.

We have realized that using prerecorded safety messages that plays periodically in specific sections or generally through out the FEC is a great way to add to the defiance in the event of an accident. We can put signs every where and signs are good but they are limited.

These prerecorded massages we make for our clients mostly for free, are designed to add to and increase the defiance from claims. It hard for a plaintiff’s attorney to say their client missed the posted signs and did not hear the prerecorded safety message.